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News Information

Startec strongly promoted new type washing and caring system in 2015 PCHI

Date:2015/05/01 Form:

2015 PCHI was held in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Hall, Startec has taken part in exhibition ( Booth No. is 3K04), strongly promoted solution of liquid crystal washing products, and made deep report for “New Type washing and caring products with liquid crystal applied research”.

This project is startec unique technology new types liquid crystal surfactant emulsion series, its key ingredients include Ucefactant MAP-65 and Ucegel PE 950X, safe, mild, nature plant origin, without free amine and ether, without dioxane, no need to add opacifying agent and grease. This project has excellent thickening effect for amino acids, succinate and alkyl glycoside surfactants, can improve cream quality and grade, can be widely used in body wash, shampoo and facial cleanser formulations.